Construction Overview

Construction Overview

A Solid Foundation:
Because the foundation of a building is it’s most important part, we take great care in how we build yours. We start with Pressure Treated 4×4 beams. These come with a limited life-time warranty against rotting, decay and termites. Next, we fasten 2×4 pressure treated joists on top of the 4×4’s. These are spaced every 16″ on center. We now cover this solid floor framing with T&G flooring. These 3 components combined give you the solid foundation that your shed needs and a floor strong enough to hold most anything- from your new Harley to your heavy drill press.

Strong Wall Framing:
Top-Grade Lumber is all we will use when framing your walls. These 2×4 wall studs are spaced every 16″ on center to give your building the strength and durability it deserves. The wall studs are then covered with T-1-11 siding. This unique siding comes primed and has a 30 year warranty against delaminating or splitting.

A Weather-Tight Roof:
Your roof is constructed with engineered 2×4 rafters. These are then sheeted with 7/16″ OSB panels for extra load capacity and layered with moisture proof #15 felt paper for additional protection. We then put a protective metal drip edge around the perimeter of the roof to seal out the weather and give your shed that finished look. Finally, we apply a heavy-duty 25-year Fiberglass Shingle. Whether you live on the mountains or on the plains, these roofs are designed and engineered to handle the wind and snow loads they may experience. This roof is rugged enough to withstand the elements and handsome enough to blend in with your home.

*The Basic Style is built 24″ on center, and is cheaper from our other models. Ask a sales person for details on the Basic style construction.

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