A-Frame Coop

A-Frame Style Coop

The A-Frame Coop is a perfect coop for limited spaces. This coop comes in a 4ft wide, 4ft long & 3.5ft tall detachable run, allowing you to easily contain your chickens in their run or release them into your property.

Base Price Includes

Fully Built
Customer Pickup (Onsite Build and Delivery Available)
4’ Coop Wall
Unstained Pine Board and Batten Siding and Trim
Small Man Door into Coop
Chicken Opening
10”x32” Chicken Latch Door with Ramp
Wooden 3/4” OSB Tongue & Groove
Roof Pitch
3-Tab Shingle with 25yr MFG Limited Warranty
4” Unfinished Overhang All Around
Moisture Protection
#15 Roofing Felt
X’s on Door and Black Rooster Cutout
1-Rung Roosts
14”x21” Window with Screen
Nesting Box
(3) – 12”x12” Nesting Boxes with Outside Access
Run Area
48”x48”x43” 1/2” Hardware Cloth Run with Small Latch Door


Building SizeBase PriceRent-To-Own 5
Year Monthly

All Prices Subject to Change     All Sizes are Nominal

Photos Shown w/ Available Options
Photos Shown w/ Available Options
Photos Shown w/ Available Options

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