Site Preparation for Structures

Required for onsite builds

  • A minimum of 2′ width of space around perimeter of site for installers, and a cleared pathway of 3′ width to shed site for builders to carry material, tools, etc. to structure site.
  • Onsite builds available within a certain area and radius. Check with sales representative for information.


  • A level pad of road base, 2″-4″ deep. This will allow for better drainage around the perimeter of the structure for rain/snow melt dripping off the eaves.
  • Keep in mind that your site needs to be flat and level, so the doors work properly.
  • Building a “Frame” of pressure treated 4×4 skids or cement blocks will help keep the road base in place and create a nice appearance; however, it is not required.
  • To prepare a gravel base, remove the sod from an area slightly larger than the pad, level the site by removing dirt where necessary, and spread the gravel to a depth of about 2″ – 4″. Make sure site is level and flat.
  • A level concrete pad also makes a great base.
  • Auger anchors may be required by county/city codes. Check with your local county/city building codes.

Not recommended:

  • Cinder blocks, inevitably, there will be some “settling” after your shed is delivered or built on site. Placing a structure up on cinder blocks greatly increases the risk that your structure will settle unevenly. This can create twisting and off set doors and window frames. Additionally, delivery and placement of structure can be more difficult with cinder blocks as a base.


RMSB, Inc. has a custom built trailer to transport constructed buildings. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide access to the drop location for scheduled deliveries. The truck and trailer have an overall dimension of 52′ in length. The trailer is 9′ wide. The driver will need an extra 1′ in width on each side of either the trailer width or building width – depending on which is greater in width. Customer is responsible to provide a level site for structure to set on.

Mule Maneuver

The Mule 5 is the perfect addition to the RMSB, Inc shed trailer. The Mule 5 is powerful enough to maneuver structures into the tight locations that cannot be accessed with the truck and trailer.

The driver requires 1′ of clearance on either side of structure to position into place. Customer is responsible to provide a level site for structure to set on.

Build On Site

RMSB, Inc offers onsite construction in select areas. Customer is responsible to provide electricity and a FLAT level site. See details below.

A 2′ clearance around the construction site is required to safely and properly install your structure. Additional costs will be accrued if customer does not provide the necessary access, and level site.

Crane Service

Need to Crane a shed into place? It might be more affordable than you think! Ask our sales representative for information on a local crane service or use someone you know.

Our delivery driver is happy to coordinate delivery time with a crane service of your choice.

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